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I had a of couple requests for silver bands this year. After I finished them I stacked them with my own, 18K yellow gold rings, and I loved the look plus they're durable and low profile enough to wear whether I'm hammering gold or lifting weights. Each Argentium (935 silver) band is 1/4 inch wide with a matte finish outside and polished inside, stamped with 935 and a sharpewerks leaf, and/or whatever else you might like, e.g. a special date or initials. The comfort fit band is made from 16 gauge silver, which is nice and thick. Did you know that Argentium is tarnish resistant? The band will keep it's finish. Email me your ring size, or call me if you want to stop by and check it. Each ring is made to order. If you want to stack with another ring as shown here order two. Or if you want to look like David on Schitt's Creek order two and I'll make it double the width, just let me know. Also! If you’d like to order the 18K ring(s) shown here email me for a price quote, it'll depend on the current price of gold and your ring size. Thanks for reading I know that was a lot. xo

Argentium Silver Band, Unisex

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