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The 14K yellow gold bear is three-quarters of an inch by one-half inch and hangs from an 18-inch, 14K yellow rounded box chain. *Please note, in the photo above the bear is worn on a snake chain.*  (I wear mine on the snake but the rounded box style is more popular.) The bear's history- I was melting down a pile of scrap silver for a pendant and the molten metal assumed the shape of...a bear! I had to go with it. The only things I did were a little defining of the legs and some light sanding. I really liked the organic shape and weight so I made a mold and casted more (because there was no way I could possibly make others in the same way). Wishing the wearer of this necklace the courage, protection and strength that the (serendipitous) bear represents. 

14K Gold Serendipitous Bear

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