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Ten solid links handmade from 18K yellow gold, 14K gold carabiner clasp. Each link is just under one-inch (7/8 in.) and is one-quarter inch wide; total bracelet length 7.5 inches; weight 15 grams. This piece has a great heft- it's made from 14 gauge round wire, so it's both substantial enough to wear on its own or worn as a (stand out!) addition to your wrist stack. This is a timeless link style that will remain relevant for future generations. In stock and ready to ship within the U.S. only. Buying tip- This is a popular chain style and there are lots on the market today. When you're shopping for links like this, look for whether they're solid or hollow and what the weight is. That and the karat are what help determine the price of the piece.

18K Gold Paperclip Bracelet with Carabiner Clasp

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