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Only a video can do this beautiful necklace justice. There's so much sparkle and shine, it's like liquid gold! The substantial gold chain 80's vibe is especially in right now (although classics never go out of style) and I sourced this one from one of my favorite suppliers. The flexible, 5mm wide chain stands on it's own but you can layer it with another gold necklace if you want; 18 inches long (I'm wearing the 16 in. here); in stock and ready to ship within the U.S. only. P.S. Heads up! This beautiful piece needs a little TLC to keep it in top form  (i.e. it likes to sleep in its box, not around your neck). So if you're 1-really hard on your jewelry or 2- looking for a 24/7 chain that you never, ever take off, there are better options and let's discuss. 

14K Gold Herringbone Necklace

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