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2019 Collection

This collection is 19 of my all-time favorites that will be introduced in January.  It consists of 9 necklaces and 10 pairs of earrings, most available in both sterling silver and 14K yellow gold. Some pieces date back to those I made while studying metals at Rhode Island School of Design (the origami pendants) while others were made as recently as 2019 (Bloom Earrings and Oxidized Leaf Necklace).

Many are three-dimensional as this reflects an aesthetic I love and one that is a design challenge for me. A few are both three-dimensional and kinetic, which is where the ultimate challenge - and reward for me as an artist - lies. Both geometric and organic-inspired shapes and circular and linear designs are included to cover a range of tastes and moods. There are minimal styles meant for everyday and statement pieces for special occasions. All were included because I have both worn the jewelry and seen it on my customers over the years and in each case the pieces have remained elegant, timeless, and wearable.

There are several mixed metal necklaces that can be worn with others in the collection or worn with your own jewelry of either metal. The neutral color palette of the collection intentionally excludes gemstones except for diamonds to ensure maximum versatility. Wear necklaces individually during the day for a minimal look or pile them on for a night out. Find earrings to match here. Each piece is made to complement the other (but wear the statement pieces alone, they speak for themselves)!  Please remember that most chain styles and lengths can be modified to suit your preference. The most important thing to me is that you wear the jewelry you buy or receive as a gift. (And if you don’t, let’s figure out how to modify it so you’ll wear it more.) I hope you find something that you love. It's been a lot of fun developing the 2019 Collection.

Thank you for looking, 


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