Each heart is handmade from recycled Argentium silver and is one-of-a-kind. This 1/2 inch silver heart pendant hangs from a stering silver small paper clip style chain, choose length at check out. (If you'd rather have a traditional cable style chain that's fine! email me.) Argentium silver is a modern silver alloy similar in appearance to sterling yet is tarnish resistant. *For me the heart collection symbolizes synchronicity, love, and imperfection and represents both the good things and people who cross your path when you need it the most and the imperfection of life. Each is somewhat irregularly shaped and are modeled after the heart-shaped rocks I’ve found on trails over the years. Other people have told me that life guarantees our hearts will get beaten up along the way, and that's what the hearts represent to them. Thank you to everyone who has purchased hearts, this is the 53rd I've made in this style and I never get tired of them. xoxo Cheryl

Imperfect Heart, Large Silver #23