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An 18K yellow gold, one-half inch, imperfect heart hangs from either a 16- inch or 18-inch, 1.7 mm 18K gold cable chain (select length at checkout). This necklace is a great choice for women who like to wear their jewelry all the time. As gold lovers know, gold doesn't tarnish and this chain style is very durable, making it conducive to everyday wear. (The higher than normal cost for this imperfect heart gold necklace is because of the extra nice, substantial chain.) *For me the heart collection symbolizes synchronicity, love, and imperfection and represents both the good things and people who cross your path when you need it the most and the imperfection of life. Each is somewhat irregularly shaped and are modeled after the heart-shaped rocks I’ve found on trails over the years since my daughter died. Others have told me that life guarantees our hearts will get beaten up along the way, and that's what the hearts represent to them. Thank you to everyone who has purchased hearts.* One-of-a-kind, in stock and ready to pick-up/ ship within the U.S. only. 

18K Gold Imperfect Heart on 18K chain

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